Saturday, 1 December 2007

Consider Colouration for Christmas Cards

Colouration, a recent TorontoTheBetter member and partner, has a variety of hand designed greeting cards that are ideal for the holiday season. Contact Libra Information Services or Colouration by email for more information.

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Sallie said...

As the artist behind COLOURATION, I am very grateful for the posting on this blog. Not only can you get Christmas cards from me, you can get any kind of greeting card you desire using a selection of my "mouse-drawn" art work. For a complete gallery of my current work, see
Not only can you get greeting cards, but I also have prints for framing as well as icons drawn by me and mounted on plaques.
Most importantly, I try to do everything in my business in such a way that nothing is wasted -- it is my way of trying to help the enviornment. Sallie of Colouration