Saturday, 1 December 2007

coffee tasting at java mama

Thought i would let you know about a seasonal coffee tasting at Java Mama \
1075 Bathurst street
on dec 15 and 16
from 2-5
serving up the rarest most expensive coffees obtainable globally  at
an affordable 5$ a cup
each cup hand dosered with 3 tablespoons of home roasted beans
i opened my shop in august of 2006 in the annex
i will serve up Kopi Lowak,Jacu Bird and C.O.E. (cup of
excellence)panama hacienda la gesha-the coffee served at Manic for $15
a cup recently
this is to thank my clients for their patronage and to also welcome
other home roasters to share in the bounty-i have home roasted now for
6 years
the kopi lowak -the monkey poo stuff-was sold last xmas at $1000 a
pound roasted at Pusiateri's- fyi...
you can call me from 1-7 every day but Tuesday at Java Mama
sincerely yours
Susan Oppenheim

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