Monday, 12 November 2007

TorontoTheBetter Businesses Participate in Conversation about Worker Co-operatives

'A Potential Toronto' wrap party immediately afterwards, with DJs
Dorian and Dorian.

Thursday, 15 November 2007; 7:30 - 9:30pm
Toronto Free Gallery; 660 Queen St. East
(west of Broadview and east of the Don Valley Parkway)

Music, cereal, a vibrator, a website, and a cup of coffee: these are
just a few essentials that can be bought in Toronto at a worker
co-operative - a worker-owned and democratically controlled
organization that makes or sells a good or service. Supporting a
worker co-op is supporting an alternative economy.

What worker co-ops exist in Toronto? How are worker co-ops different
from traditional workplaces? To what extent does this alternative
business model escape, subvert, or resist capitalist conventions of
competition, hierarchy, and growth? What potentials do worker co-ops
offer as an alternative way to reorganize work life?

Join us for a conversation guided by these questions. J.J. McMurtry,
a social theorist with an interest in co-operativism, will open the
conversation. Participating, will be guests from The Big Carrot, Come
As You Are
, Blocks Recording Club, Anarres, and Planet Bean.

We invite anyone involved in or curious about the local co-op
movement and alternative ways of organizing working life, to join us
to talk about their experience, community, challenges and hopes
regarding workers' co-operatives as alternative economies - and how
it might fit into a potential Toronto.

Initiated by Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry (TSCI)
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