Monday, 19 November 2007

Protest pending Canada-Colombia free trade deal

An appeal from the Maquila Solidarity Network:

Dear friends;

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is asking labour and solidarity
activists to take action to protest a pending free trade agreement
between Canada and Colombia.

MSN is passing along this appeal because we share the CLC's concern
that the Canadian government is negotiating more trade deals without
any substantial labour, social, human rights or environmental

In the case of Colombia, those protections are critical. The current
government is accused of corruption, links to paramilitary death
squads, drug traffickers, and state sanctioned impunity for crimes

The Canadian government has chosen to ignore this in the interests of
signing a trade deal. First announced in June of this year, the
Canadian government has put "free trade" negotiations with Colombia
on overdrive while keeping them away from public scrutiny. There are
some official expectations that a deal can be concluded by the end of
this month.

To protest the signing of a trade agreement with Colombia that
contains no substantial social, environmental and human rights
protections, please go to:

Aylwin Lo |
Information and communications officer

Maquila Solidarity Network

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