Friday, 5 October 2007

Support the Clean Clothes Campaign -- Write a letter today!

A campaign alert from the Maquila Solidarity Network:

Re: Support the Clean Clothes Campaign -- Write a letter today!

Legal action is being used by a company producing garments in India
to silence labour rights organizations in India and the Netherlands
who are speaking out about severe worker rights violations in
factories producing jeans for companies including G-Star, Armani,
RaRe, Guess, Gap and Mexx.

On September 26, 2007, the local court in Bangalore, India issued
arrest warrants against seven staff members of the European Clean
Clothes Campaign and the India Committee of the Netherlands.
Notwithstanding international pressure, Fibre & Fabrics International
and its 100% subsidiary Jeans Knits Pvt. Ltd (FFI/JKPL) is refusing
to engage with union and local labour rights organizations and stop
legal action.

Instead of working with local organizations to improve labour
conditions and labour relations, the jeans supplier is trying to stop
labour rights groups from distributing information on the situation
at FFI/JKPL and has filed restraining orders and libel lawsuits to
silence them. The worker rights advocates are committed to pursuing
justice for the women and men who stitch our jeans, but support is
needed in the face of the huge legal campaign mounted by FFI/JKPL.

How you can help
Contact brands and factory owners to tell them "Enough is
enough". You can send letters directly from the CCC website at:

Maquila Solidarity Network / Ethical Trading Action Group
606 Shaw Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6G 3L6
416-532-8584 (phone) | 416-532-7688 (fax)

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