Saturday, 11 August 2007

Good Catch quoted regarding responsible consumption

An article in the August 2007 issue of the Parkdale Liberty Community Newspaper - "But it's organics!" by Roxanne Bielskis - comments that buying organic, local and fair trade can be difficult, but points out that several Toronto businesses are making it easier.

The article name checks three TorontoTheBetter businesses - Alternative Grounds, Foodshare, Good Catch - and provides some positive perspective courtesy of the propreiter of Good Catch:

"Jola Sobolak of Good Catch General Store also sympathizes with the reality of a low or rixed income. Although her shop offers products that all have slightly higher price points than their IGA equivalents, she offers a different take on responsible consumption than more middle-class purveyors of "health foods" (a term she specifically avoids due to its elitist connections) might.

'It's key to do what you can,' she says, even if your budget is small. Buying all organic groceries may not be possible, but you can use your budget for local or organic foods that are packed with nutrients, like vegetables with high water content, berries and foods high in good fats. ' you shouldn't bet yourself up when you can't afford more than that.


Sobolak points out that North Americans in general subscribe to the alarmingly false logic that since we can't do everything we might as well just do nothing about our problems."


Anonymous said...

I'm the woman who wrote that article, but the assholes at the Parkdale Liberty never acknowledged that they would actually publish it -- I'm curious, if it was published, when was it published? Do you have a copy?


Roxanne Bielskis,

Taodhg said...

Try Jola at Good Catch. If you don;t have the number its in the TorontotheBetter directory.

W. Greg Taylor said...

Hi Roxanne; I don't have a copy of the article now either - and I note that it's not on the Parkdale Liberty's website...I originally saw the article at Good Catch, so hopefully they still have a copy.