Wednesday, 15 August 2007

GlobalAware Showcases Artists Reclaiming Public Space and Fighting for Social Justice

A message from Hayley Watson of Global Aware:

On Thursday August 16th at the Rivoli Bar and Restaurant, GlobalAware Independent Media Organization is bringing street art and social justice together. take YOUR space! art exhibition and concert is featuring works by artists who engage with social justice not just on the canvas but in public space.

For some artists, such as featured artist Dan Bergeron, this includes tampering with billboards so that they reflect topical political messages. Others such as Specter incorporate messages into the existing landscape of Toronto through sculpture. Others are simple acts, such as manipulating IPod ad’s in the work of Joel Black Beatty. Whatever the work may be, it reflects what the artists and GlobalAware feel is the growing resistance to mass consumer culture in Canada.

GlobalAware runs media workshops in high schools and universities in Ontario, in addition to an info shop and art gallery in Kensington Market. However the arts collective decided it was time to engage the community as well as fulfill their mandate to make alternative media and viewpoints available to a wide variety of people. “This art exhibition is our way to show a large amount of people that activism has many facets,” says GlobalAware student intern Hayley Watson “including art and public expression.”

In addition to the exhibition there will be also be live performances by Lila Rose, Sara Marlowe, Muhammad Ali, and Stacy Berenson. All are artists who work on various social justice campaigns around the city, such as the War Resistors movement, and other social and environmental issues.

take YOUR space! will start at 7pm on Thursday August 16th. There is no charge for the event, and the works will be available for sale through silent auction. Media are welcome to this event. For all media inquiries please contact Hayley Watson.


Hayley Watson

GlobalAware Public Relations and Communications Assistant

416 575 5293

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