Thursday, 12 July 2007

YWCrew: Volunteer Youth Opportunity with Free Bikes and Film Workshops

This was forwarded from the City of Toronto to all Bike Week 2007 organizers and participants (the deadline was July 11th, but we only received it today, so just in case...):

I wanted to inform you of a unique opportunity for youth this join the YWCrew, a
committee of Toronto's youth experts on active transportation and livable
streets in the City.

We'll be profiling various communities in Toronto for pedestrian safety,
accessibility to youth spaces and walkable/liveable streets. This process
will include weekly capacity building workshops, cycling along Toronto's
bike paths, lessons in bike maintenance and leadership training. In
addition, all YW Crew members will receive a free bike to thank them for
their efforts and to get them around Toronto during our cycling workshops!

And finally: In collaboration with the International Environmental Film
Festival, the YW Crew will participate in a FREE, two week film workshop
from August 13-24th where they will create, edit and showcase their own
documentary or fiction film.

The YW Crew will have their first meeting on Friday July 13th from 6-8pm at
Metro Hall in downtown Toronto. The YW Crew will then continue to have 3
hour meetings once a week throughout July and August (meeting dates/times
will be decided at our intitial gathering on July 13th).

The YWCrew is a group being organized as part of the YWalk Global Youth
Forum in Toronto on October 3rd taking place during the International Walk21
Conference: Putting Pedestrians First.

"" for more information.

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