Saturday, 7 July 2007

Web Networks' 20th Anniversary Present

** A 20th Anniversary Birthday Present **

It's amazing to think of the foresight that the founders of
had when in the eighties they decided to create an innovative social
enterprise to promote the use of electronic communication in support
of social change.

In recognition of our 20th anniversary, we have decided to get back
to our original mission of using technology to enable expression and
work for justice at a grassroots level. Please help us in building
the new a place for your community and its' issues, your
personal passions, your interests—a reflection of your life’s work.

We are offering FREE websites (or “blogs”) to all our clients and
their networks, with easy–to-use tools that allow you to put online
your ideas, photos, YouTube videos, rants, raves, faves, and recipes
for justice, neighbourhood improvement, and strawberry mousse. :-)
With a sustainable, shared advertising revenue model, we believe your
community of interest or you personally can also be fairly
compensated for your time spent in this endeavour.

Here’s how it works: It all starts with a topic that matters to you,
about which you are passionate. You (you can involve others) take
responsibility for adding relevant writing, pictures, links, songs,
or videos to your website, on a regular basis. Or, you can simply
record and share with the world your own personal online diary of
activities, thoughts, and images—kind of like your own scrapbook. We
also have a system that makes it simple to quickly add headlines from
other sites, as well as categorize your collections of “blog
postings”. Don’t like to write? You can upload sound files of
speeches, raps, talks, and interviews (“podcasting”), or just post
images and multimedia files.

The next step is to name your website with one word or phrase (the
name of the site will be in the form, or
(depending on whether your topic is international or Canadian in
scope). So if you were interested in farming, the site would be
“”, or if you were interested in Buddhism the site
would be, or if you just wanted your own site, you
could call it

We will set your site up immediately upon receiving and approving
your request, give you instructions on using your site, and support
you by e-mail and telephone when you require. That’s it! Then it’s up
to you to add to your site on a regular basis. We will display
advertisements on your site, and based on the number of visitors and
ads clicked on your site, will share the revenue received with you.

Please contact me personally at, or call me if you’d like to
discuss your idea at 416.596.0212 x.18 in the GTA (1.800.932.7003 x.18).


Oliver Zielke, Executive Director

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