Friday, 6 July 2007

Job Posting: EthicsAssurance Administrator

EthicScan Canada is moving into gear with its new start-up, EthicsAssurance, to be formally launched on Monday, 15 October 2007. This includes hiring an administrtor, please see the job posting below for details:

EthicScan Canada is searching for a Product Administrator for a new knowledge based ethics assurance product to be launched in October 2007. For information about this new web-based knowledge-based instrument, see

The position, which initially is part-time, will appeal to someone with administrative talents, a keen interest in corporate responsibility, an aptitude for entrepreneurial self management, skills at inter-personal communications, an appreciation of organizational performance metrics, and a talent for or familiarity with web-site applications and educational software. Responsibilities, remuneration and working conditions are described below:

Job Description:

1. Client Liaison

1.1. Set up and operate handling of phone calls, recorded messages and e-mails from the public, prospective clients and the media: initially EthicScan phone extension number and/or in a few months a 1-800 number

1.2. Set up a records system to support sending out, creating a record for, and tracking paperwork for license sales and annual renewals

1.3. With training, take calls from client (company or organization) liaison officer re: glitches or questions—initially go to experts; over time, build up expertise and protocol for frequently asked questions FAQ in order to answer questions yourself

1.4. As a product and sector knowledgeable professional, represent the tool to resellers, industry associations, and others

1.5. Admin support for client services such as sending out literature, pointing people to relevant resources and EA web-site location, setting up appointments, meetings and other contacts with service providers (web site hosting, communications and marketing)

2. Education

2.1 Full education officer support for learning circles; including, arrange meetings and materials, arrange food and travel schedules, invitations, prepare PPT presentation materials, and other related needs: typically out of office appointments

2.2 Support country reps (UK: Eric, Nigel, and US: Bart, Lynne) in negotiations to set up education programs, research partnerships, and education and research initiatives

2.3 Prepare draft materials for existing and future research studies and co-funded developments

2.4. Maintain Marketing Wisdom notes

2.5. Provide support services for commission sales staff, including training, marketing and communications suggestions, and referral of prospects and client messages

3. Record Keeping

3.1 Record of prospects and existing clients (December 2006 lists in three priority sectors) for Canada, US, and UK

3.2 Receive, review and report to CAO and/or David Nitkin on regular reports from commission sales agents (Felix Benzimra)

3.3 After training from accountant, prepare royalty revenue calculations as well as EA employee deductions for self in EthicScan submissions for Revenue Canada

3.4. Prepare regular sales and revenue-related account information, records and inputs for accountant

4. Technical Updates

1. Familiarize self with EA product and contents, as well as corporate ethics, responsible governance, sustainability and corporate responsibility fields

2. Meet EA teams: (a) content experts (Nigel Blumenthal, Dave Gaylor, Gay Miller, Jane Garthson and David Nitkin); (b) education partnerships (Cambridge MIT, Washington IBSI, Toronto EC); (c) marketing

3.. Negotiate with content experts and data stream sources to keep web-site refreshed

4. Technical data programming and data entry skills in order to enter updates directly on the EA web-site

Working Conditions

1. Initially a 6 month commitment (until December 31, 2007) to a start-up division of a nineteen year old successful, fee for service business. This virtual enterprise, which is wholly owned by EthicScan Canada Limited, will have all content experts, sales staff, representatives and other staff working from their own home offices with client list, ethicscan web-site access

2. Bi-annual review of opening up a conventional office in rented premises

3. Regular annual performance appraisal


1. Part time salary commencing August 1: $20 an hour for 24 hours (3 days) a week, to rise to $25 an hour January 1, 2008, and a likely increase in hours as volume of work increases.

2. After two years, possibility of sales-related bonus system and/or revenue sharing.

3. After five years, possibility of junior partnership


Send a resume together with three references by e-mail or surface mail, on or before 23 July 2007. Qualified applicants will be notified of an interview. Questions by phone can be left for Tamara, at 416/783-6776, ext 105.

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