Saturday, 14 July 2007

Coca-Cola Suffers Two Big Setbacks in SRI Community

From a recent Campaign to Stop Killer Coke email notice...

Coca-Cola Suffers Two Big Setbacks in SRI Community - The Coca-Cola Company & Coca-Cola Enterprises Deemed Not Socially Responsible:

The Coca-Cola Company and its largest bottler, Coca-Cola Enterprises
(CCE), do not meet the criteria as socially responsible companies,
according to KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. of Boston, Mass., an
independent investment research firm and world leader in defining
corporate responsibility standards.

This means that TIAA-CREF's (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association -
College Retirement Equities Fund) $9 billion CREF Social Choice Account,
the world's largest socially screened fund for individual investors, will
ban any investments in both The Coca-Cola Co. and Coca-Cola Enterprises.
Last July, The Coca-Cola Company was removed from the fund, which divested
1.25 million shares when the company was dropped from KLD's Broad Market
Social Index (BMSI). The BMSI consists of all companies within the Russell
3000 Index that pass KLD's screening criteria, including environmental,
human rights and product marketing concerns.

High-level representatives of The Coca-Cola Co. lobbied hard to be
reinstated into the BMSI this year, but instead suffered another major
setback in the SRI community, when CCE, along with The Coca-Cola Co.,
failed to make the BMSI. The CREF Social Choice Account will now have to
divest the CCE stock it holds just as it did last year with The Coca-Cola
Company stock.

For further information and updates, just vist their site.

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