Tuesday, 26 June 2007

MSN: Make Vancouver 2010 the No Sweat Olympics

As a follow-up to the June 23rd post, I realize we should specifically highlight the Maquila Solidarity Network Make Vancouver 2010 the No Sweat Olympics campaign.

Also, if you're on Facebook (and apparently there's 666,817 of you in Toronto alone) please consider showing your support by joining the Maquila Solidarity Network group and adding your vote to the Wish for sweat-free olympics in 2010.


Libra Co-op's TorontotheBetter project said...

Here's an update from MSN:

"Many of you participated in our on-line Facebook campaign wishing for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics to be sweatshop-free. 532 Facebook members voted for our wish in the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List contest, which ended July 1.

Thanks to you, we made it into the top 25 – high enough to garner us a
mention on The Great Canadian Wish List Blog:

But you can stop “wishing” now! MSN supporters have kept on joining, and while that’s raised our numbers to almost 600, the contest is over.
Thanks to everyone that participated -- before and after the deadline.

For us, it was an opportunity to test out some of the new tools
available on-line and raise the profile of the international Play Fair at the Olympics campaign. MSN will continue to engage with the
organizers of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games to ensure that adherence to international labour standards is a condition of their purchasing and licensing. We will keep in touch with you as new opportunities to support those efforts become available."

W. Greg Taylor said...

The latest update from the Maquila Solidarity Network website seems to be from August 2, 2007, when they reported:

"PlayFair 2008 says it is "unconvinced by BOCOG's statement that it attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues" and – once again – calls on the International Olympic Committee to lead the way in developing measures to avoid workers' rights violations in the remaining Chinese licensee factories and beyond."

See Playfair responds to Beijing Olympic Committee's statement for details.