Monday, 18 June 2007


A graduate student at OISE's Social Economy Centre is seeking participants for a research study of online social enterprises. If interested, see blow for further details and contact information:

Looking for participants for a study attempting to identify and describe online organizations that meet the broad criteria applied to social economy enterprises.

Social economy enterprises are ones that have a strong social mission, are member or public oriented, depend in varying degrees on voluntary participation and support member engagement in democratic decision-making.

This study is searching for organizations or voluntary associations that subscribe to most of the above criteria and that also carry out a majorityof their work online. This study is interested in organizations that communicate, organize, provide goods or services, fundraise, advocate, etc., primarily using information and communication technologies. Although many of these organizations engage in some face-to-face activity and may have geographic addresses, their defining characteristic is that they rely on internet-based technology to achieve organizational objectives.

Participation is entirely voluntary and participants are encouraged toprovide only information that they are comfortable sharing. If privacy and confidentiality are of concern, please be assured that all respondents and responses will remain anonymous in any presentation of this research.

If you belong to, or know of, any such groups that fit the above criteria, please contact

Sherida Ryan, Doctoral Student
The Social Economy Centre, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University ofToronto(OISE/UT)

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