Wednesday, 16 May 2007

M17: Stand In Solidarity with Starbucks Workers on the Third Anniversary of the SWU

This is copied from the IWW Starbucks Workers Union website (visit there for future updates and further background):

Call to Action for a Day in Solidarity with Starbucks Workers

May 17, 2007

Starbucks workers and their allies will take to the
streets around the world to demand justice from the
world's largest coffee chain for baristas and coffee
farmers. Three years ago the corporate bosses at
Starbucks were sitting pretty on their multi-million
dollar fortunes, confident that anti-worker labor laws
would continue to ensure a workforce with zero union
membership in the United States. But no matter the
constraints, working people will find a way to join
hands and struggle for justice until victory. Three
years after the founding of the IWW Starbucks Workers
Union [], the organization has
members in multiple U.S states successfully using
Direct Action to rise out of poverty and articulate an
independent voice on the job.

To silence worker voices, Starbucks has disgracefully
terminated eight SWU baristas in retaliation for their
union activity. The SWU has prevailed against
Starbucks to reinstate two of the members but six
remain out of a job. Despite multiple Labor Board
complaints, the coffee giant continues to punish
baristas for discussing the union and relentlessly
forces union-busting propaganda down workers throats.
Starbucks must understand that working people of
conscience will not allow this affront to the dignity
of our class.

On May 17, commemorate the third anniversary of the
SWU and stand in solidarity with baristas and coffee
farmers with actions in your local community. 1)
Hold a spirited protest against Starbucks
union-busting, 2) reach out to baristas with a message
of support, 3) organize a fundraiser, or 4) choose
a different solidarity action. Whatever you do,
you'll be part of a global effort challenging the
neoliberal logic that places profits over people.

Starbucks workers are struggling not just for
ourselves and our families but for every worker at the
big brands who are looking for a collective voice and
a better life. Join us.

Let us know about actions you are organizing by
sending an e-mail to

Please take photos, video, and/or write up a report of
your action to share with workers around the world.

Together We Win.

IWW Starbucks Workers Union

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