Sunday, 14 January 2007

TorontotheBetter welcomes BALLE/GET to Toronto


ANNOUNCEMENT – January 1st, 2007

TorontotheBetter and Green Enterprise Toronto agree to work together for a better Toronto

● TorontotheBetter is pleased to announce that TorontotheBetter and Green Enterprise Toronto have entered into an agreement to collaborate in their work on building Toronto’s social economy. Initially collaboration will consist of information sharing, and event support; it will soon evolve into strategy alignment and programming. Both TorontotheBetter and Green Enterprise Toronto are committed to building a transparent and supportive business relationship that can be a model for other social economy actors in Toronto.
●TorontotheBetter is an initiative of Libra Knowledge and Information Services, a multiethnic unionized worker co-operative committed to a better Toronto for all
●Green Enterprise Toronto is the Toronto branch of BALLE[Business Alliance for Local Living Economies]

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