Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Toronto Women's Bookstore invites submissions for Meow Films Night at the Indies

~Night at the Indies~

Toronto Women's Bookstore and Meow Films invite you to submit feature films, documentaries, short films and videos for our ~Night at the Indies~ series. Please include a brief synopsis and a short bio of the key creative team.

Our intention is to have the producer, director, or director of photography attend the screening in order to communicate with other filmmakers and the audience.

* * Submissions must be in DVD format. Please include all contact information on your one page synopsis and be sure to address how your project speaks to the communities that TWB and Meow Films represent.

Screenings are run every third Wednesday of the month at Meow Films from 7-10pm. Our next screening is February 21st, 2007. All selected films/documentaries/shorts/videos are invited to be sold on consignment at the Toronto Women's Bookstore.

Please send submissions to:

Meow Films
868 Dovercourt Rd.
Toronto, Ontario-M6H 2X5

If you would like your film/documentary/short/video sent back to you please provide a SASE in your package. If you need more information please call Meow Films at 416-519-9800 or email us at meowfilms@gmail.com

As the series is ongoing we are always accepting submissions.

A token honorariums will be provided to the filmmaker after their film has been screened in appreciation.

The goal of ~Night at the Indies~ is to showcase filmmakers/producers/directors from the feminist, anti-oppression, anti-racist, differently-abled, first nations, people of colour and the LGBTTQ2S community who are willing to share/educate about their work and provide audience members with an opportunity to discuss their creative process, challenges, rewards, etc.

TWB and Meow Films are both anti-racist, anti-oppression based community organizations that wish to support work that is based on these principals.

Thank you for your time and commitment to film!
TWB & Meow Films

Meow Films is a growing production company that makes documentaries of an educational and motivational nature to inspire social change and empower marginalized communities. We hope to empower our community by telling untold stories. This company was formed with the intent to support local community artists and to work with other like-minded organizations to foster local cultural ties within this city. We want to connect and work with artists that are working for similar goals such as building community-based art, music, theatre, film and media. We hope to build a strong community that allows for every individual to explore their creativity.


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