Friday, 19 January 2007

Marilyn Daniels of Vision Legacy part of One Earth Community

Dear friends,

Once again I am excited to be a part of the planning committee of ONE EARTH COMMUNITY. I would love to see you there - please see information below.

With warmest wishes, Marilyn.

Marilyn Daniels, M.A., M.Ed.,

The Transformative Learning Centre presents One Earth Community: Sharing Our Stories from April 20-22, 2007 at the University of Toronto.

In collaboration with Resurgence Magazine (UK), Mpambo Multiversity (Uganda), Centre for Environment (University of Toronto), Faculty of Environmental Studies (York University) and the Paulo Freire Institute (Brazil) we invite you to join:

David Abram, Maude Barlow, Zenobia Barlow, Deborah Barndt, AbelardoBrenes,Marilyn Daniels, Jorge Ferrer, Laara Fitznor, Anne Goodman, Satish Kumar, Diane Longboat, Jack Miller, Herb Nabigon, Adegboyega Najeem, Oscar Olivera, Edmund O'Sullivan, Vandana Shiva, Starhawk, Paulo Wangoola, Moema Viezzer, Gary Warner and Jose Zarate.

"One Earth Community: Sharing Our Stories" is the title of the 2ndSpirit Matters Gathering. The first such Gathering was held in Toronto in May 2004 and thediversity of peoples and wisdom traditions presented in that gathering inspired our current emphasis on developing a new vision and set of practices for a One Earth Community.

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