Saturday, 20 January 2007

John (aka Darthcricket) of Alter-Eco is having a CD release party

Environ Mental #5 – Special CD Release Issue

Are you racing while others are lacing? Or was it the other way around? Hey! It’s snowing!!

You know that CD I have been on about, “Trying to Keep an Open Mind”? Well it’s done…What’s the connection between the CD and the weather? I was hoping to get it done for the Winter Solstice and celebrate it with the track “Standing Still Sun” but unplanned things happened. So, appropriately as I watch the snow falling and the temperature plunging for the second time this winter (sic) here in Toronto, it will be welcomed with the track “Wintertime” not to mention the rapidly approaching Groundhog Day. This Groundhog Day is particularly auspicious as it coincides with a full moon and you must hear “The Groundhog Day Slaughter”. A damning indictment of NAFTA, Global Warming, conspicuous greed, revenge, sex, conspiracy…sex? Have I got your attention?

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you all to an official CD release party! You are welcome to join Marie and I at Fionn MacCools Pub at 21 St. Clair W. on Saturday, Jan. 27/07 after 1:30 PM. When this CD goes 'gold' then you will be invited to a party where everything is on the house, but this time bring your wallets. :-) If you can't make it to the party, let me know if you would like to buy a copy and I'll send it to you. It costs $15.00: RSVP

As some of you know, I have been writing songs and poems on and off since puberty but was sparked by a comment from an old friend I hadn’t seen for decades who melted my heart when she told me that “Night Trains” was a favourite of her daughter’s. Soon after I heard that TVO (TV Ontario) was having a songwriting competition and decided to enter it. It was a ‘winner’ in the sense that I committed myself to putting together all my songs & poems and recording them with a cool, open source, recording software, Kristal Audio Engine, my trusty computer, Darthcricket productions (me - my alter ego), Marie’s patience and all the Angels that reside in “This Old Guitar”.

In the next few months I will be developing a website for the music but in the meantime I have an online publisher,, where you can hear all the samplesand enjoy them - hopefully enough to buy individual tracks or the whole album, 13 tracks (37 mins) as mp3’s. You can purchase it directly from me a personal copy for $15.00 playable in any CD player. If you think that you know someone who is interested, passing it on to them is very appreciated.

So I hope you are all waxing your skiis and sharpening your edges because it will go a long way to reducing the damage to the ozone and turn commuting into a healthy pursuit.

Cheers and all the best to you in 2007, John aka Darthcricket