Friday, 12 January 2007

Boiling Frog birthdays and other news

We are proud to announce that this week boilingfrog turns five, and
coincidentally I (kelly) turn 36.

I spent the several hours composing a history of boilingfrog which
was intended to be shared with you. Sadly, because of an error on my
part, the whole thing is now lost.

On the upside, you'll be spared all the 'lengthy' details of how
boilingfrog came to be, how it has developed, and what our plans are
for the future.

Briefly, it began in January 2002 out of a desire to help promote
and distribute growing amounts of activist and independent media.
The name came from Bridget. She heckled a local Toronto weatherman
with 'BOILING FROG!'. This chap was very happy about the
unseasonably warm January temperatures.

We started very humbly with 3 VHS tapes consigned from TVAC, , $0, and endless enthusiasm. Today, a large
collection of videos and other media, a half decent computer, and
equipment for screenings. We've also amassed about $40 worth of
Canadian Tire money and another $50 in real currency.

We've hosted or co-hosted hundreds of screenings, several film
festivals, and a radio program. We've had 4 Canadian tours: G8,
2002; End of the (new) World (order) Tour, 2003; EARTHonPEACE (the
tour that will not end in outr lifetime) Tour 2005; Healthy Mind
Body Planet (HMBP) Tour, 2006.

Growing from our work hosting screenings and the radio show, we
slowly began producing original material.
Reclaiming Independence was our first radio play. First peformed
live on it was then remastered for release on CD
and as a podcast at the rabble podcast network.

In spring of 2006 we combined our production and organizational
efforts. Teaming up with Angela Bishoff, we created the HMBP tour.
24 community presentations, dozens of hous of video shot, 20
audio/video podcasts produced to date. presentation dvd imminent*,
to be followed by our documentary 'Off The Rails'.

In these last 5 years we've had the honour to work with people from
across the country and around the world. It is these relationships
and the work we've accomplished together that really stands out as
our major accomplishments. And thanks to your compassion, support,
feedback, contributions, and multiplied efforts, we've found a way
to keep going.

Boilingfrog's work has evolved over the years. The original goal was
to operate boilingfrog for 10 years. We are half way there. At the
end of this 10 years, Jan. 2012, we will have created a secure
physical space. This environment will continue to promote, produce
and distribute activist and independent media. In addition, we will
create living and work space too. All completely sustainable
regarding energy, shelter, water, and food.

This spring, we take a major step in that direction. Bridget and I,
with the help of some close friends and family members have
purchased a $3000 home in Craik, Saskatchewan.
We will move our base of operations there and immediately start
creating the space described above.

We haven't finalized details, but we're offering some co-operative
opportunities. Whether it be time and skills, equipment, tools, cash
or a combination, select individuals can trade with us in exchange
for access. Imagine a super affordable retreat for activists to get
away from it all, or a space to live affordably for extended
The possibilities...

In the mean time, we ready for the release of our HMBP Presentation
*First promised for the end of October, 2006, the production of this
DVD has had several slow downs. My sincere apologies once again for
not meeting our promised schedule. It is a much larger job than
first anticipated.

Thanks to those of you who've sent in a donation of $25 or more
towards production of our documentary, 'Off The Rails', a copy of
the HMBP Presentation DVD will be sent to you by months end. Thanks
for your patience.

If you haven't yet, but would like to help fund our new doc, or
other ongoing work, donations by way of cheque, money order,
Canadian Tire money, or even current postage stamps can be sent to

Kelly Reinhardt
Dundas Dovercourt rpo
Box 16040
Toronto, ON.
M6J 3W2

For those of you in Toronto and area, we'll be having at least one
more event here before departing west. Details tba.

all bests in 2007!
kelly and bridget

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