Tuesday, 7 November 2006

York University Campaign For Fair Trade Coffee

The campaign for Fair Trade Coffee at York University is a broad based organization composed of a diverse number of individuals, including students, faculty, and members of the administration, and groups, including union, student associations and clubs. The goal of the campaign is to ensure that fair trade coffee is universally and affordably available at all York University campus coffee locations. Towards this end we are working towards ensuring the following policy is adopted and enforced by York University at all of its campuses: “It is preferred that all coffee sold by retailers at York University meets the Fair Trade standard. At a minimum, each retailer at York University shall provide consumers with a choice between coffee which meets Fair Trade standards and coffee which does not. To this end, York University’s hospitality services shall immediately and universally meet the preferred exclusive Fair Trade standard. All new and renewed contracts with other retailers at York University shall require that Fair Trade coffee be a choice for the consumer, and must agree to an eventual phasing out of “unfair” coffee.” Certified Fair Trade coffee is understood to be coffee, sold by coffee retailers and roasters, which meets the standards set by TransFair Canada, a non-profit monitoring organization that is a member of the Fairtrade Labelling Associations (FLO) headquartered in Europe. TransFair Canada’s basic guidelines for fair trade coffee can be found at http://www.transfair.ca/.

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