Tuesday, 7 November 2006


"THE TAKE" a film by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis NOW PLAYING ACROSS CANADA Benefit screenings with AVI LEWIS in attendance for Q & A afterwards:
(1) Edmonton, Nov. 9th, 7 pm, The Princess Theatre - SOLD OUT
(2) Calgary, Nov. 10th, 7 pm, Uptown Theatre – SOLD OUT See the website for details on how to obtain tickets: www.thetake.org click on "Flash Site", "The Take", then "Grassroots".

Note that many of these benefit screenings in other cities have sold out, so you should try to obtain tickets in advance, or arrive early.

TORONTO: Varsity VIP, Carlton, Camera
MONTREAL: AMC Forum (En) L'Ex-Centris (Fr)
OTTAWA: Bytowne*(one week only, through Nov. 12)
* If you've already seen the film or received the emails please remember that we want as many people as possible to see it in the cities it's playing! So remind everyone NOT TO WAIT to see The Take. We want to keep in for weeks to come! Thank you so much, from The Grassroots Team!
CALGARY - Uptown Screen
EDMONTON - Garneau Theatre
HALIFAX - Empire Park Lane Cinemas
WINNIPEG - Globe Cinema

Bookshelf, Guelph Nov 19-25 The Screening Room, Kingston - Starts Fri Nov 26 Princess, Waterloo Nov 26-Dec 2 Broadway, Saskatoon Dec 3-9 Cinema 379, Peterborough Dec 10-23 RPL, Regina Dec 16-19 Victoria TBC Check local listings and click on Tribute.ca for showtimes: http://www.tribute.ca/ Join our maillist to help us spread the word and find out where the film is playing near you! http://www.hellocoolworld.com/thetake/maillist.cfm ARE YOU READY TO FIRE THE BOSS? In Argentina, groups of workers are taking over bankrupt workplaces and running them democratically — without bosses. "The Take", a political thriller directed by Avi Lewis and written by Naomi Klein, is one answer to the question posed by both critics and supporters of radical movements worldwide: "We know what you're against, but what are you for? Occupy. Resist. Produce. See This Film. IF YOU ARE FOR THIS FILM, MAKE SURE EVERYONE SEES IT THIS WEEKEND!! (Or the first weekend of it's run) Monday is the day theatre bookers decide the fate of a film. Help us keep The Take going and reach as many people as possible.In today's context, documentaries are an alternative information source, help us reach a wider audience with the film's message. Please forward this email! To view the trailer & for more information on the film, visit: http://www.thetake.org Organize a discussion! Grassroots organizing tools for download here http://www.hellocoolworld.com/thetake/grassroots/ VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. To find out more please email Chrissy@hellocoolworld.com or sign up to volunteer at http://www.hellocoolworld.com/thetake/maillist.cfm ==== VERSION FRANÇAISE ABRÉGÉE ==== Veuillez diffuser ce message Toutes nos excuses pour l'envoi multiple. "THE TAKE" ("La Prise") un film de Naomi Klein et Avi Lewis À L'AFFICHE À MONTRÉAL Ex-Centris (Français) 3536 St. Laurent Blvd - (514) 847-2206 Daily at 12:30pm, 4pm, 9:25pm EX-CENTRIS : http://www.ex-centris.com AMC Forum (English) 2313 St. Catherine St. West, Montreal - (514) 904-1250 Daily at 1:50pm, 10:15pm AMC FORUM: http://www.cinema.ca/all/c009.htm Qui est le patron? Le film "The Take" ("La Prise") est un thriller politique qui répond bien aux questions posées par les critiques et les supporteurs de mouvements coopératifs et syndicaux dans le monde entier qui sont intéressés par la globalisation mondiale. En Argentine, des groupes de travailleurs occupant des usines en banqueroute les font fonctionner démocratiquement, avec succès, et sans les patrons. Ce documentaire couvre le mouvement des usines occupées en Argentine, où les travailleurs en chômage saisissent des entreprises abandonnées pour les convertir en coopératives de travail. Au site web www.thetake.org, on constate que: "Avi Lewis (Counterspin) et auteure renommée Naomi Klein (No Logo) apportent les spectateurs aux vies des visionnaires ordinaires, au fur et à mésur qu'ils réclament leur travail, leur dignité, et leur démocratie." LA PRISE donne la possibilité d'éléver le profil du mouvement des coopératives de travail de façon significative. Pour d'autres informations sur le film, visiter le site web: http://www.thetake.org (Noter qu'on peut se joindre à la liste d'envoi électronique pour "The Take," pour apprendre quand le film ouvrira à votre ville et d'autres évenements, au) : www.hellocoolworld.com/thetake/maillist.cfm

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