Friday, 3 November 2006


La Siembra Co-operative, a fair trade worker owned co-operative, invites you to attend a socially responsible investment meeting. This meeting will provide details about how to invest in Canada’s fastest growing fair trade business and how to assist the co-op in responding to increasing demands, develop new products, and continue to foster sustainable partnerships with southern co-operative producers.

When and Where? Thursday October 16th, 7-9pm, Bloor Street United Church 300 Bloor Street West (between St. George and Spadina subways)

Who is La Siembra? La Siembra Co-op is a leading North American fair trade organization offering consumers high-quality, certified fair trade organic products that improve the livelihoods of family farmers and the well being of communities at home and abroad. For more information regarding our co-operative please visit our website at

What are the details of the share offering?
Preference A Share value - 10
Minimum purchase - 100 shares or 1000
Targeted Dividend - 5%

Why consider an Investment in La Siembra Co-op?
Social Return - Contribute to improving the lives of more than 10,000 small farmer families. Competitive Return – 5% dividend on after tax Income
Sales Growth – 300% + sales growth between year-end 2002 and year-end 2003
Tax Benefits – La Siembra investments can be placed in a RRSP (with a minimum purchase of 500 shares)
Local business development - Assist a local worker co-op employ more people, develop new products, and promote a fair trade system of conducting business.

What are other shareholders saying?

"Many companies provide financial dividends. La Siembra offers not just a financial return, but social and environmental returns as well. As a shareholder, I receive a competitive annual yield on my investment. But my other quarterly dividends come in the form of regular shareholder updates that describe how the farmers, the workers, and the land involved in production of La Siembra's products are being treated fairly and respectfully. This is truly a win-win-win situation."
- Michelle Dionne, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ryerson University

“As a social investor in La Siembra, our organization (Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative, CAIC) was offered a competitive rate of return. La Siembra's business plan presented a realistic, achievable scenario that demonstrated how the investors and the worker coop would meet their respective goals. CAIC has been operating in the alternative finance sector for over fifteen years and rarely has this organization been presented with a proposal which was as thorough and well conceived as La Siembra's.”
- Beth Coates, Financial Manager - Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative

Our invitation to this investment meeting is an open one. Please feel free to invite anyone that might have an interest in learning more about this socially responsible investment opportunity. If you would like more information about this meeting please feel free to contact Kevin Thomson at or (613) 235-6122.

Thanks in advance for your interest.
We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

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