Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Royal York Room Attendants and Union Charged with Engaging in an Illegal Strike

Royal York Retaliates Againist Workers for Picketing in their Uniforms

On Thursday September 22nd, room attendants took breaks at the same time to ensure that every room attendant is able to take his/her break. On Monday October 3rd, the Royal York Hotel charged the Royal York room attendants and their union, UNITE HERE Local 75, with engaging in an illegal Strike. A worker has been warned by the Employer as a of her participation in a picket at the Royal York on August 23rd. Workers at the fairmont Royal York are in a legal strike / lockout position.

Labour Solidarity Picket
When: Friday October 7th, 2005
Time: 12:00 Noon to 1:30 P.M.
here: Royal York Hotel at Front and Bay

Stand up for Hotel Workers The Royal York is the first contract for continent-wide effort to raise the standards for hotel workers in North Amercia. The Royal York needs to "Stop the Pain"- a fair workload for all workers, especially room attendants, and fair wages and benefits. (Room attendant with lifetime beds made, Labour Day 2005) Hotel Workers are Standing Up for Us: Contract Demands include Fair Labour Standards Workers at the Royal York want to ensure the Royal York uses union construction, union laundry and union uniforms. Let's Tell the Royal York that Toronto is a Proud Union City For More Information Contact:
Andrea Calver Phone: 416- 510- 0887 x 310
or: www.hotelworkersunited.org/toronto

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