Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Canadian Medical Association member urges Minister of Health

Dear friends: I have good news to report. After Ujjal Dosanjh's first speech as Minister of Health at the Canadian Medical Association annual meeting, one of our members (Dr. Jay Duncan) asked him about the appropriateness of investing CPP savings in tobacco stocks. His reply, and the news story that covered it, are both encouraging. In yesterday's Globe and Mail, Andre Picard reported that the Minister said: "I don't think any government funds should go to the coffers of tobacco companies." (The complete globe and mail story can be read at: http://www.smoke-free.ca/lifesavings/cpp/globeandmail-aug18.pdf The CMA members subsequently resolved to campaign to end CPP investments in tobacco, which I consider a very happy development. If you have a moment to help, a quick e-mail from you to the Minister of Health (at Dosanjh.U@parl.gc.ca) encouraging him to speak with his cabinet and parliamentary colleagues could be very helpful in showing support for this position. With best wishes, Cynthia Callard Executive Director Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada 1226A Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 3A1 Tel: 613 233 4878 Fax: 613 233 7797 http://www.smoke-free.ca

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