Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Canadian Co-ops Support Fair Trade

The following resolution from the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation was adopted unanimously at the Canadian Co-operative Association Annual General Meeting on Saturday June 19, 2004. PROPOSED BY: Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation SUBJECT: Fair Trade and Co-operatives Whereas: Fair Trade represents a system of trade where producers receive a price that reflects the true value of farm labour; And Whereas: the history of the co-operative movement in Canada is a recognition of the strength of small producers and individuals coming together to effectively access markets and strengthen themselves through collective action; And Whereas: Products such as coffee come from democratically organized enterprises, often co-operatives, made up of small producers; And Whereas: CWCF has heard requests (through its involvement with the international worker co-op federation, CICOPA) from sister co-operatives in Latin America and other regions of the globe, for assistance with commercializing fairly traded, co-operatively produced products; And Whereas: Transfair Canada is the independant certification body that guarantees a product was purchased under Fair Trade conditions; And Whereas: The seven international co-operative principles are inherently supportive of Fair Trade, including numbers two and three which call for democratic control and member economic participation of members, and number seven which mandates a concern for community; And Whereas: Fair Trade recognizes the best of the tradition of co-operatives working together; Therefore be it resolved that: the Canadian Co-operative Association support Fair Trade by encouraging it members to purchase and sell certified Fair Trade Products whenever possible.

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