Friday, 22 April 2011

Art Auction Fundraiser for Creative Works Studio, April 26th

Creative Works Studio wants you to know about their fifth annual Art Gems event...from the Facebook event page:

"Come support our 5th annual Art Gems event coming up on Tuesday, April 26! We hope you will join us! This live and silent auction helps support The Creative Works Studio, a community based program that I've pioneered and run in my role as an occupational therapist, that offers healing and recovery through the arts for those living with servere and persistent mental illness. Creative Works Studio is an initiative of the Inner Ci...ty Health Program of St. Michael's Hospital and operates in partnership with the Good Shepherd Non-Profit Homes Inc.

We have a fabulous collection of art for auction, including a recent creation by Douglas Coupland, based on the work of Canadian icon Tom Thomson..."

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Canadian Mining Companies Undermining Mexico

See: for the story.
Over 80% of mining companies operating in Mexico today are Canadian!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Another Story Book Launch of Media Mediocrity, 16 April 2011

Another Story Bookshop is having an interesting book launch/discussion at their store:


April 16, 2011; 4-6PM
Another Story Bookshop; 315 Roncesvalles Ave

Meteorologist, TV/film producer, university lecturer, writer, broadcaster
and general media expert, Richard Zurawski is coming to the store to lead a
discussion about how the media is failing to keep us informed.

Why do so many people still deny the "hypothesis" of global climate change?
All but a few rogue scientists agree that we have a crisis on our hands, but
all we get from TV and news media are debates in the form of sound bites...
Why are we denying the voices of those experts in favor of politicians and

So get up off the couch and let's have a discussion (with an expert) face to